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Should I sign the medical records release for the insurance adjuster?

If you have made a personal injury claim for a car accident with the insurance company for the other driver, the insurance adjuster will want to get access to your medical records and treatments. While you probably have already sent copies of relevant medical records to the insurance company, they still may want more records that you have not provided. For example, you may have sent all the medical records regarding the injury from your doctor but not from the physical therapist.

It is up to you and your personal injury attorney to determine if the additional requests for medical records are reasonable. One thing that you should not do is sign a general medical records release form for the adjuster so they have access to all your medical records. This is a big mistake.

Insurance companies are notorious for wanting access to a complete medical file to see if anything in your past medical history can be used to either undermine your case or embarrass you. It is unreasonable for the insurance company to have access to any medical records that are not directly related to the accident.

If the insurance adjuster wants access to more records and wants you to sign a release, ask why those records are needed. If you are not convinced by the answer, you should calmly tell the adjuster that you are not convinced, and you do not think they need access to those medical records. If the case ends up in court, attorneys will be able to argue over what medical records the insurance company should see but beware of letting insurance companies getting access to your personal medical history during negotiations.

If you have questions about whether the records request is reasonable, talk to your attorney.

If you have been injured as a result of the wrongdoing of another, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. 

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