How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

Locating Good Personal Injury Attorney in Oregon

How to find a personal injury lawyer?

If you are hurt in an accident, you will want to find a good personal injury lawyer. You should not just turn to any attorney to help you. Look for an experienced attorney who has experience handling your type of personal injury claim.

But how do you find that type of lawyer? There are several methods to get referrals for good plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys. Once you get some referrals, you should compare them carefully. Get names of several attorneys and meet everyone to discuss the claim before you decide to hire one. You should also be prepared to be rejected; good attorneys are often busy, so you may need to have several choices in reserve.

Friends and Acquaintances

Talk to friends or coworkers who worked with a personal injury attorney. If they have positive things to say about the lawyer, put that name on your list of people to check out. But you should not choose a lawyer only based upon one recommendation. Different people have different reactions to the personality and style of a lawyer. Do not absolutely make up your mind about hiring an attorney until you meet with him and talked about your case.

Lawyer Directories

There are lawyer directories online that provide a complete profile for every attorney with information that helps you to choose the right one.

Other Lawyers

A great place to get names of good personal injury attorneys is other lawyers. It is common for lawyers to refer cases to each other. Most attorneys know a good personal injury lawyer.

Referral Services

Your local bar association or state bar association will have referral services where names of attorneys are available according to their legal specialty. But be aware there is much variation in the quality of attorney referral services. Some of these services are diligent in screening attorneys and only list attorneys with certain qualifications and a lot of previous experience. But other services will simply list any attorney with a license in good standing. Before you select a lawyer referral service, ask what qualifications it has for including an attorney’s profile.

Selecting the Best Lawyer for You

To determine if the attorney is right for your case, sit down with him and discuss the claim in detail. Talk about the various ways the case could be handled. Bring as much documentation about your case as possible: police report, medical bills and records, loss of income information, and all correspondence with your insurance company. Most attorneys will not charge you for this initial consultation. But before you meet with the lawyer, ask if you will be charged for the consultation. We recommend going elsewhere if you are charged for the first meeting.

After you talk to the attorney about your case, ask some key questions:

  • How long has the attorney been in practice?
  • What percentage of his practice deals with personal injury cases?
  • Does the attorney mostly represent defendants or plaintiffs? You do not want to be represented in a personal injury case by someone who mostly defends clients in personal injury cases.
  • What is his record in recent settlements and verdicts in personal injury cases?
  • Will that attorney handle your case or will a junior attorney handle it?

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