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4 Serious Car Crash Highway 5 Woodburn

On October 26th,  early in the morning 2019 Mazda sedan, driven by Valieria -Villasenos-Sibrian, was going S on I-5 when it rear-ended a 2013 Toyota Scion, with Artemio Davila. Davila’s car left the interstate, went under the cable barrier in the median and was hit by a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe, driven by Vanessa Underwood. Mr. Davila did not survive. For some reason, a passenger in Davila’s car left the crash scene and has not been found. 2017 Dodge Ram pickup, driven by Theresa Peters, was going N when it hit the Santa Fe. All four people in the Santa Fe and the Ram driver were taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

Multi-Vehicle Crash Lawsuits

In many car accidents, there are only two vehicles involved and determining liability is straightforward. But if three or more vehicles are involved, there could be more than one driver liable for the accident. While those injured in a multi-vehicle crash are entitled to compensation for their injuries, determining liability can be very challenging.

Most crashes with three or more vehicles do not involve them hitting each other at once. Usually, the first vehicle hits the second, which leads to a chain reaction of more vehicles getting involved in the wreck. The sequence of events in the crash is important to untangle to determine who is responsible and liable for the crash.

Liability is with the driver who was negligent in the accident. In the above crash, the first liable party is possibly the driver of the Mazda, who died in the crash. That driver may not have met her ‘duty of care.’ When we drive, each of us has a duty of care to drive in a safe manner and not hurt other people. When the duty of care is breached, the person who did not meet this duty was negligent. Even if that person died in the crash, he or she can still be held liable; their estate can be forced to pay damages, or, more commonly, their auto insurance policy must pay compensation to the injuries parties.

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If you are in a multi-vehicle crash, you probably have serious injuries and emotional trauma. It is vital to have an excellent Portland, Oregon personal injury attorney in your corner to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Also, when there are several vehicles involved with many people injured, there may be limited insurance money available. You may not be able to get all the compensation to which you are entitled. This fact makes it even more important to have the best attorney possible working for you.

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