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2 Vehicle Fatal Wreck on I-5 Off ramp in Marion County

On October 9th, 2 vehicles fatal crash occurred on the I-5 offramp on Oct. 9 in Delaney County. Dodge Intrepid, with Anthony Fisher, was driving S on the I-5 offramp and did not stop at the Delaney Road intersection. It was hit by a tow truck going W with driver Christopher Helige. Fisher was taken to the hospital, where he died. Heilige suffered serious injuries.

Running Red Lights and Personal Injury Lawsuits

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 45% of car accidents happen at intersections. The cause is usually running a red light or stop sign. This means that thousands of serious car accidents per year happen because a driver simply does not stop when he is supposed to do so.

With more people driving in Oregon and across the country, it only takes one error for someone to suffer a serious injury or die in one of these accidents.

If you are hurt in an accident where a driver ran a red light, a police officer probably did not see the crash. Rather, the officer will determine who was at fault by talking to the drivers (if both survived the crash), and will interview any witnesses to the accident.

If it was a busy intersection, there may be a surveillance camera that recorded the accident. Obtaining the video can be challenging in some crashes but it is very strong evidence for a personal injury lawsuit.

Also, the police officer will complete a police report and file an official traffic crash report. If you decide to hire an Oregon personal injury attorney to help you get compensation for your injuries, your attorney will be sure to get any video footage of the event, as well as the police report.

Even in serious accidents where fault seems clear, the insurance company for the negligent driver may deny responsibility. That is why it is so important to hire the best Oregon car accident attorney you can. A good car accident lawyer in this state is accustomed to working with insurance companies and knows all their tricks. He will work hard to help you get compensation for your pile of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Common Causes of Red Light Crashes

Many drivers will speed up to try to get through the intersection before it turns red. They may enter the intersection when the light is red, which obviously can lead to a serious crash. In the accident described above, it appears that the driver made no attempt to stop. This could be because the driver was distracted by a cell phone. Unfortunately, when a driver does not even slow down when running a red light, the resulting crash can be horrific and cause serious or even fatal injuries.

Talk to an Oregon Personal Injury Attorney Now

If you were in a crash caused by someone running a red light, talk to The Herron Law Firm today. We want to help. Let The Herron Law Firm Negotiate For You.  Our attorneys are accustomed to negotiating with tough insurance adjusters. Let us take the stress and worries out of your claim. Hire The Herron Law Firm to represent your interests in the Oregon car accident claim and not the insurance companies. Accident victims who were hurt by the negligence of another person or entity should ALWAYS consult a personal injury attorney.

If you have been injured as a result of the wrongdoing of another, you could be entitled to monetary compensation. Contact Herron Law 503-699-6496  - 24/7  today to set up a Free consultation!


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