Have you been prescribed the wrong medication?

Everyone who has ever been injured, ill, or simply gone to the doctor for a check-up understands that your life is entrusted into the hands of the doctor, physician or pediatrician. The doctor will prescribe you medications, tell you to follow certain diets or even to stay home from work, and you trust that the doctor is advising you to do what is best. If the doctor says you need a surgicalprocedure, you will comply if you believe that the doctor knows what is best for your specific situation. However, when the trust is broken and the doctor prescribes you and incorrect medication or a pharmacy provides you with the wrong medicine, where will you turn?

Falling ill from a medication error can be a devastating event. You will not only require more medication to help regain your health, but it will also take you away from work, school or caring for your family. When you cannot afford to take time off of work for an error that an irresponsible doctor or pharmacy has made, immediately contact our lead attorney, Bartley E. Herron from Herron Law, LLC.

Looking for a lawyer for medication error cases in Portland? At the firm, the legal team has devoted their professional careers to ensuring the protection of their clients. Whether you have been the victim of a surgical mistake or medical malpractice, the firm is prepared to help you obtain justice.

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Taking the wrong medication can have detrimental effects on an individual's body and mind. It can cause illness or injury, but even worse, it can force a person to become psychologically unstable and fearful of returning to a physician ever again, or even possibly can cause wrongful death.

Despite how serious your injury or illness from the medication mistake was, it is always important to retain the legal services an accomplished law firm. Your case will require the skills of an experienced injury attorney to correctly navigate through the system and to provide you with the answers that you need. Don’t waste another minute! Contact a Portland personal injury lawyer from the firm today to get the help you deserve with a medication error or malpractice claim.