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What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance Bad Faith Attorney in Portland

There are numerous types of insurance policies available to people, to insure them against auto accidents, homeowner losses, liability coverage for their businesses, healthcare and others. Although most individuals do not read their policies, most understand the general coverage afforded to them under their policy. When you suffer a loss or need to file a claim, you expect your insurance company will pay for the damages. Most of the time this is exactly what occurs. Sadly, there are times when an insurance company will attempt to get out of paying a claim, or will try to low ball a settlement that is in fact worth much more due to the damages sustained. If you or someone you know has been dealt with unfairly by their insurance company, you have the right to pursue legal action against them. At Herron Law, LLC, our skilled lead Portland injury attorney, Bart Herron can discuss your legal options with you in your free initial consultation.

Unfairly Denied Coverage

If your insurance company denied your claim or delayed making payments to you for a loss you sustained, you may be able to present an insurance bad faith claim. There are strict insurance regulations all insurance companies must follow, and if they have failed to do so, they can be held liable. Our legal team will carefully review your specific claim as well as your policy to determine what coverage you were entitled to and in what way your insurance company might have failed to follow insurance regulations. There are various ways in which an insurance company may attempt to deny coverage. Some of the methods include:

  • Your insurance company states your loss is not covered by your policy;
  • Your insurance company tries to settle your claim for a minimal amount when you in fact have large damages and injuries;
  • If work related, the insurance company may claim the accident did not occur at work;
  • You are denied health or disability benefits from your insurance plan;
  • Your insurance company states you or another person are not covered under the policy; and
  • Your insurance company finds a loophole in the application process or in some other manner in order to deny your claim

Portland Personal Injury Lawyer

Searching for an attorney for insurance bad faith in Portland? Herron Law, LLC strongly believe in fighting for your rights when it comes to obtaining the benefits you deserve from your insurance company. Don't let them take advantage of you! With the strong advocacy our legal team can provide, we will pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. Our firm services the Portland, Clackamas and Multnomah County areas of Oregon. Call us today for a complimentary initial consultation.

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