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Head & Neck Injuries in Portland

Has a head or neck injury left you impaired?

The head and the neck are two vitally important parts of our body; this is common knowledge. Your head and skull, the protection for your brain, can have catastrophic consequences if injured. Even a seemingly harmless bump on the head can cause severe internal damages and drastically change your life. In cases relating to head and neck injuries, victims often suffer from the more serious injuries when an injury such as this occurs. A strong blow to the head can knock an individual unconscious, cause brain damage, internal hemorrhaging or lesions in the brain, paralysis due to neck and spinal cord injuries, and wrongful death.

Fractures to the skull can be dangerous as well in the matter that they can cause loose chips of your skull bones to potentially move around or cause internal damage. Undergoing surgical procedures for head and neck injuries can also be extremely dangerous. While technology has advanced, mistakes in the operating room are still made that can cause serious and fatal injuries to an individual with head trauma. Head and neck injuries can change an individual's life from the very moment he or she is injured. These types of injuries are commonly associated with accidents such as:

Compensation for Your Pain & Suffering

If your head or neck injuries were sustained at the hands of another person, it is important for you to realize your responsibility to take immediate legal action. You may be entitled to receive a personal injury claim due to your injuries. With help from attorney Herron, you can have a legal advocate on your case who is prepared to fight aggressively to help you recover.

Searching for a lawyer for head injuries in Portland? At Herron Law, LLC, the Portland personal injury attorney works compassionately on cases relating to personal injuries and accidents throughout Portland, Oregon. They understand that suffering from a serious and catastrophic injury is never ideal, and that you will require extensive medical treatment to make a full recovery.

With the cost of medications, treatments, surgical procedures and rehabilitation through the roof, it is necessary for you understand the importance of hiring a personal injury lawyer for your accident. When working with the team at this firm, they will keep your rights and your goals as their main priority. Despite how serious your injuries are, they are prepared to put together a competent case on your behalf. Take legal action now! Contact Bartley E. Herron from the Portland firm today to get the legal representation you deserve!

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